Student Loan HELP!


There are so many resources for applying for different forms of financial aid but at some point there will be a time when we may have to consider going the student loan route. This will be the case, of course unless you have a bit of a stash set aside for college financing. I didn’t have a stash, my parents didn’t have a stash so I was forced to go the student loan route.


Although students loans can seem overwhelming there are ways to offset the costs and I will be adding some of those solutions below.  There is student loan forgiveness through volunteering, teaching in underprivileged areas and more. This section will include some of these solutions and will be updated as I find great resources for Student Loan HELP!


ZeroBound is still in BETA but you can sign up and be updated on the progress of this program. ZeroBound was created to help student loan borrowers find volunteer opportunities to offset the cost of student loan repayment.


HigherEdPoints is a program that allows students to use their loyalty points to help offset the cost of a students college education.